Damaged Games

Here you will find the games that were made by me... Damaged. The most notable (and best coded in my opinion) are the hard hat games. Perhaps someday I will finish the Hard Hat series but for now please don't ask about it ^_^


This is a remake of my other game "Cubed". I have always enjoyed that game but I felt that I didn't do it quite right so I wanted to remake it. I think that this version really shows what this game could have been if I had the knowledge then that I have now. And, as I know not everyone likes an installer you can always just get the game here(zip).

Hard Hat: The Rebellion

The game that started it all! Still the most popular Hard Hat in the series and the game that has put me on the proveribial game making map. You play as a disgruntled Metool from the Mega Man series. I made this game to make up for the Metal Man blunder. It went through many changes before its competion

Hard Hat 2: War Ensemble

Hard Hat 2 is a continuation of the Hard Hat series. This is the first Hard Hat to feature custom bosses. I was quite thrilled with some of the additions to this game (like the jet sled). Some argue that this is the easiest, I agree.

Hard Hat 3

Hard Hat 3 is a continuation of the Hard Hat series. Hard Hat 3 you play as the disgruntled Metool against 8 new robot masters. This is why Hard Hat is PO'd in this game, he though he was the guy and now Wily is creating new robot masters! This is easily my favorite in the series

Air Bubbles!

Air Bubbles was a game that a created for my girl friend at the times sisters. It is a cute little maze platform game where you have to get to the star

Block Man

This game is re-make of the very first game that I ever made in Apple Soft basic back in 97. Its a sort of Pac-Man clone where you play as a little block. Level Editor included. I still think this is an entertaining little game


I made this game for a friend of mine while I was in kuwait. The main object of the game is to get rid of the flashing block. I guess it's kinda like tetris. Someday I may remake this to be a more appropriate game. Probably in flash.

Metal Man

Metal Man was/is the very first game that I created with Game Maker. I got deployed so it was finished in a hurry. This is the first Damaged Game. Its huge and takes forever to load and the code is crap, but I still love it